The Development of Bali Tourism Through Cultural and Local Wishdom of Pakraman Village

Anak Agung Gede Oka Wisnumurti, I Wayan Rideng
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The attractiveness of the locality becomes strategic and important. in the midst of tourism development has become an industry capable of supporting national development. The era of globalization is the reason for the revival of cultural identity and local wisdom in various parts of the world. Moreover, the development of Bali relies on the tourism sector. The fame of Bali tourism at domestic and international levels, which promotes cultural tourism is very likely to reap the impact of globalization.Therefore, the existence of Pakraman Village which has its own culture and local wisdom, at least could minimize the impact of globalization. Culture and local wisdom become one of the strategy choices in anticipating the bad consequences of globalization and even become a culture counter of mass culture domination which is owned by developed countries. The strategic value of culture and local wisdom has provided an innovative inspiration to develop the potential of locality and tourism development in Bali. Therefore, the development of tourism in Bali should not marginalize the culture and local spirit. Thus, the development of tourism in Bali in line with the existence of Pakraman Villages that own culture and spirit of human together with their creativity, taste and intention and local wisdom which strongly attached are able to maintain a harmonious relationship in the life of indigenous people in Bali.

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