The Study Motivations and Preferences of Students Majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management-Related Programs: a Study of Students in Jordan

Ziad Eid Alrawadieh, Zaid Eid Alrawadieh
2.302 1.305


Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) programs in Jordan are among the most important emerging fields of study that have been attracting increasing number of students in the last two decades. This paper aims at identifying the reasons why students in Jordan choose to major in hospitality and tourism management, and examining their intentions to pursue graduate degree in this field abroad. Preferred majors within HTM and preferred overseas study destinations were also identified. The findings suggested that job opportunity, academic success, perceived easiness of study, field attractiveness and features of the fieldare the motivations that explain Jordanian students’ decision to major in HTM. Driven mainly by cultural motives, slightly more than 73 percent of the surveyed sample showed interest in pursuing a graduate degree in tourism abroad. Germany, Spain and England were found the most preferred overseasstudy destinations. Findings were discussed and recommendations to both education institutions and tourism stakeholders were offered


tourism education, study motivations, study preference, Jordan

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