İsmail Yabanova
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The output signal of the load cells used in weighing systems always has an oscillating response and a certain amount of time is needed for this signal to settle to its real value. On the other hand, the output signal of the load cell in conveyor belt type checkweighers is significantly noisy due to the system's own vibrations and the fact that the object is moving. It is necessary to use effective filters in order to eliminate the effect of these noises and to improve the response of the load cell.  Increasing the effect of the filter improves the accuracy of the measurement; however, it leads to an increase in measurement time as well.  Therefore, it is necessary to use effective and quick-response filters in applications where measurement speed and accuracy are important.   In this study, an electronic and mechanical system that can weigh moving products was designed and appropriate filters were tested and analyzed to reach the desired weighing speeds.

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