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This paper proposes a seven level inverter with photovoltaic system, for stand-alone applications with hybrid PWM control scheme. Three carrier signals that are identical to each other which are compared with unidirectional sinusoidal reference signal were used to generate the PWM signals. In this paper, a new topology with a combination of low frequency and high frequency switches is proposed to improve the performance of a multilevel inverter. This topology requires fewer components compared to existing inverters and requires fewer carrier signals and gate drives. Therefore, the overall cost and complexity are greatly reduced. The performance of proposed multilevel inverter with equal dc sources is simulated by using MATLAB platform. Harmonic analysis is done on H-Bridge seven level inverter and experimental results are presented to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed system.


Equal dc sources, Fundamental frequency switching scheme, multilevel inverter, PWM, Total

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A.Maheswari was born in

Tamilnadu, India, on April

7, 19 She received her

B.E degree in Electrical and

Electronics Engineering

from V.M.K.V Engineering

College, Salem, in 2004, the

M.E degree in Power Elec

tronics and Drives from Government College of

Engineering, Salem, in 2008. Currently she is pur

suing Ph.D. She has presented 7 papers in various

national and international conferences. She has

also published six papers in the international jour

nal. Her current research interests include simula

tion and control techniques of AC drives, inverter

topologies and harmonic suppression.

Dr. I. Gnanambal was born

in Tamilnadu, India. She re

ceived her B.E degree in

Electrical and Electronics

Engineering from Govern

ment College of Engineering,

Salem, in 1981, the M.E de

gree in Applied Electronics

in Government College of Technology, Coim

batore, in 2002 and Ph.D. degree in Networking

from Anna University, Chennai in 2008. She has

presented more than 60 papers in various national

and international conferences. She has also pub

lished more than fifteen papers in international

journals. Her research interests include power

electronics, solid state drives, networking and

special electrical machines.