A Deterministic Hopfield Model To Dynamic Economic Dispatch With Ramp Limit And Prohibited Zones

Farid BENHAMIDA, Abdelber BENDAOUD, Abdelghani AYAD1
1.207 231


A solution to the dynamic economic dispatch (DED) for 24-hour dispatch intervals (one day) with practical constraints using a Hopfield neural network (HNN) is proposed in this paper. The HNN is a deterministic model with mutual coupling and of non-hierarchical structure. A continuous and monotonically increasing transfer function is adopted in this model. The DED in this paper must satisfy the following constraints: (1) the system load demand, (2) the spinning reserve capacity, (4) the ramping rate limits and (5) finally the prohibited operating zone. The line losses are included in the algorithm using an iterative procedure where the load demand is augmented in each time interval with a maximum estimation of line losses. The feasibility of the proposed approach is demonstrated using two power systems, and it is compared with the other methods in terms of solution quality and computation efficiency.

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