The Relationship Between Organizational Democracy and Organizational Dissent: A Research on White Collar Workers

Lale Oral Ataç, Sevinç Köse
936 323


Researchers of organisational democracy emphasize the importance of freedom of speech, while researchers of organizational dissent underline the necessity of dissent for democracy in the workplace. However, due to the difficulty of measuring organizational democracy, the number of empirical studies which contextualise these two concepts and reveal the relationship between them has been observed to be insufficient. Insufficiency of such empirical studies in the field results from difficulty of measuring organisational democracy. This study aims to explain the relationship between the organizational democracy perception of employees and their behaviors that expose organizational dissent. A scale that is designed for a multi dimensional measurement of organizational democracy was adaptated within the scope of the study. Scales for measuring organizational democracy and organizational dissent with a demographic survey form were given to a sample of 387 participants. Findings of the study show that there is a significant positive relationship between organizational democracy and organizational dissent. As to another important finding, the study found that organizational dissent is a significant variable to explain organizational democracy. In this regard, the study statistically proves that an increase in the level of organizational dissent causes an increase in the perception of democracy in a workplace.

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