The Effect of Five Factor Personality Traits and Cognitive Ability on Counterproductive Work Behavior

İrfan Gültaş, Vala Lale Tüzüner
1.216 596


Counterproductive work behaviors which can be defined as an intentional employee behavior violating an organization’s legitimate interests by being potentially harmful to the organization, organization’s property, process or its members and caused not to fulfill organization’s objectives, are being researched frequently nowadays because of its huge amount of cost to the organizations. It is seen that researchs are mainly focused on to define what are the antecedents of counterproductive work behaviors.
The purpose of this study is to define relationship between personality and cognitive ability, as being personel antecedents, and counterproductive work behaviors. In this direction; research was conducted among one of the private bank tellers (n=148). Five-factor personality inventory and cognitive ability test was applied to tellers, on the other hand display level of counterproductive work behaviors was answered by teller’s managers via another inventory.

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