A Model of Commitment For Generation Y: A Survey on Airline Companies

Mehmet Oğuzhan İlban, Mehmet Kaşlı
1.121 410



This study aims to increase the commitment of consumers of Generation Y to the airlines which make sales on their websites through using marketing literature and two important theories (organizational commitment and investment model). The research was done by using face to face survey method on 190 students from different departments of 'İzmir Economy University' which was specified as Generation Y consumer. The participants were determined by convenience sampling. According to the results of Structural Equation Modelling, affective commitment and calculative commitment affect the word of mouth communication in a positive and significant way. It was found in this study that affective commitment was much more important factor in progression and development of relational marketing. Another result found in this study is that investment size and satisfaction affect the continuance commitment and affectve commitment in a positive way. The relations between the quality of alternatives and the dimension of commitment could not be supported.


Generation Y; Relationship Marketing; Commitment; Investment Model; Word of mouth.

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