Segmentation based on sources of marketing intelligence, marketing intelligence quotient and business characteristics in software industry

Selen Öztürk, Abdullah Okumuş, Feride Mutlu
1.059 333


In today’s competitive environment, managers desperately need information to make effective decisions. Marketing intelligence system supplies this information to marketing executives. It consists of current information on developments in marketing environment that helps managers to prepare and adjust marketing plans. This information can be obtained from many sources. In this study, it is aimed to determine whether software companies are clustered into different segments according to their marketing intelligence sources and marketing intelligence quotient and business characteristics. With this purpose, cluster analysis was applied to data that obtained from 156 respondents. Research results showed that companies in software sector are clustered in four sub-segments. Starting with the results, within these segments especially rookies, leaders and followers need to develop marketing strategies and increase their marketing intelligence quotient. Besides, it is important for all the groups in the sector to notice customers as a source of marketing intelligence.


Marketing Intelligence System, Marketing Intelligence Quotient, Software, Cluster Analysis

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