Examining between regional internal migration movements in Turkey with multidimensional scaling

Serpil Bülbül, Ali Kose
1.137 4.404


It is seen that the internal migration movement, which gathered speed in Turkey from the 1950s, is influential on the country's economic, social and spatial structures. The direction of migration in Turkey is from less developed Eastern and South-Eastern provinces to industrialized and Western regions which have high level of per capital income. In this study, it is aimed to examine the position of the 12 regions and display possible similarities or dissimilarities between them, from the point of their demographic characteristics, socio-economic indicators and migration data. Multidimensional Scaling Analysis (MDS) are applied to these mentioned variables. MDS have done both two and three dimensions. As the results of the analyzes it is seen that Istanbul and Northeast Anatolia regions, are the ones that are significantly different from the other regions. It's determined that the nearest regions are Western Marmara, East Marmara and Western Anatolia.


Migration, internal migration in Turkey, interregional migration, regions, multidimensional scaling analysis.

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