A study for the stress factors of the employees and redundants in the crisis process

Bünyamin - Akdemir
1.941 451


The global crisis started in US and affected the whole world has damaged economies and entities; notably, employees and public. The employees are concerned about loosing their jobs. Unempoyment has increased day to day and unemployment rates have reached to record levels in many countries. Also people who had lost their jobs have great difficulties about finding new jobs. The situation makes discharged people's lives harder and causes serious psychological and socio-economical problems.

The negativeness which is the consequence of the crisis, decreases the life quality of the employees and redundant, and breaks up their future expectations. Loosing their life expectancy these people are forced to live stressful life. The analyses of the elements of these stress level experienced and their effects on employees and redundant is the starting point of this study. It is aimed to investigate the differences regarding to the factors which effects employees and redundant in textile sector in Malatya. In other words; the aim of the research is to establish and analyze the stress factors which affect the redundant and employees in crisis environment. ANOVA results reveals that stress factor's effects on stress levels of two groups are statistically different.


Crisis, stress, stress factors, employees, redundant.

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