“Family-power, experience, culture” scale and a research about the relationship between family influence and top managersi view about managers who are family members in the family businesses

Evren Ayrancı, Fatih Semerciöz
1.404 339


In this study, the “family-power, experience, culture (F-PEC)” scale that assesses family influence, was subjected. The first purpose of the study is to find out the extent to which the “F-PEC scale” that is observed to be used to measure family influence concept in international literature, is suitable for family businesses in Turkey. The second purpose of the study is to find out whether family influence facts affect the ideas of top managers about the managers who are “family members”.
A research was conducted for these purposes at October 2009. In the research, the family businesses that are present in eight organized industrial zones of Istanbul were considered and questionnaires were applied to the family members, who are the top managers of these businesses. While family influence depends on the items of F-PEC; the view about the managers, who are family members, was formed by the items derived from the relevant literature. According to results obtained, the F-PEC scale isn't exactly suitable for family businesses in the sample. Also, some of the family influence facts can affect top managers' ideas about the managers who are family members.


Family influence, F-PEC, agency, family businesses, management

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