Mathematical Epidemiology: Pandemic A/H1N1 Case

Eyüp Çetin, Barış Kiremitci, İrem Damla Yurt
1.063 379


Mathematicians and quantitative analysts make valuable contributions to epidemics with that humanity handles during the centuries in defining, modeling, estimating the behaviour, controling and treating of epidemic diseases. In this study, it is considered mathematical epidemiology as a sub-discipline and given a descriptive application. This effort gives some impacts of epidemics on economics and business and some possible scenarios. It is discussed some mathematical models and their contributions regarding the current A/H1N1 pandemics. This paper highlightes the importance of synergy stemming from the cooperations of quantitative and health scientists.


Epidemiology, mathematical model, pandemics, economics impacts, swine flu, A/H1N, Turkey.

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