Determining the efficiency of concrete companies ranked in top 1000 manufacturing firms trading in use: A multi-criteria data envelopment analysis model

Nizamettin Bayyurt, Lutfu Sagbansua
1.091 531


The purpose of this study is to measure and evaluate the efficiency of 11 concrete companies ranked in top 1000 manufacturing firms in 2002 in Turkey, using a multi-criteria Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) methodology. Current ratio, leverage, inventory turnover ratio, machinery and equipment, size of the company in terms of shareholders equity, and cash flow were used as inputs of the model. The outputs used in this analysis incorporated profitability, productivity, and stock performance of the company. Efficiencies of the companies were measured using the data provided by Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) and Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI). Results provide management with information regarding the relatively best companies in the observation sets and locate the relatively inefficient companies by comparison with the best practice ones. At last some suggestions are made for the inefficient companies.


Data Envelopment Analysis, Performance Measurement, Profitability

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