Notes on Taxonomic Situation of Calenduleae Tribe in Iran

Efat Jafari, Mostafa Assadi, Gholam Abbas Ghanbarian
872 401


The Calenduleae tribe belongs to Asteraceae family, with ca 12 genera and 120 species are distributed
in the Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian and Saharo- Arabian regions of world. According to flora Iranica
Calendula L. and Dipterocome Fisch. & C. A. Mey. are 2 genera of Calenduleae in different regions
of Iran. Calendula species generally grows in a variety of sites such as mountains, dry stony slopes in
foothills, field edges, margins of gardens and road sides, also Dipterocome species generally grows in
dry and saline areas and sandy deserts. It distributes in north west, centre and north east of Iran and
also in Caucasus, Afghanistan, Iraq, Asia (central part), Africa and Syria. In this research based on the
literature, available herbarium materials and field observation, this tribe has been revised. A revision of
this tribe in Iran including: key, literature, synonymes and locality lists is presented; meanwhile a list of
genera with the total number of the species for each genus recognized in Iran is added.


Calendula, Dipterocome, Iran, taxonomic, notes

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