Presentation of flora, life forms and chorology of plant species in the Jahrom area (Fars Province, Iran)

Gholam Abbas Ghanbarian, Efat Jafari, Ahmad Hatami
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In the present study, species were classified according to their growth habit and Raunkiaer's life- forms system were used to characterize the flora of Jahrom. Jahrom in the south east of the Fars Province is an area with about 1,627,470 hectares , maximum altitude at 3167 m and minimum altitude at 300 m, located between 52° 30΄ to 54° 00΄ east latitudes and 28 ° 00΄ to 29° 00΄north longitudes. We studied the area from a floristic and ecological point of view. The results showed that the flora of this region includes 346 species belonging to 234 genera and 67 families. Papilionaceae with 52 species, Asteraceae with 47 species and Poaceae with 36 species are the main families of this area. Plant life forms were studied by Raunkiaer's method. It showed that therophytes with (30.1%) of species, hemicryptophyte with (30.1%) of species, phanerophytes with (17.6%) of species and chamaephyte with (13%) of species, are the dominant life forms of the area. The chorological studies showed that (81.8%) of species belong to Irano-Turanian zone, (9.2%) of species belong to Sahara-Sindian zone and (9%) of common species belong to Irano-Turanian, Sahara-Sindian zones.

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