Mine Koruyucu, Duygu Yaman, Figen Seymen, Korkud Demirel, Koray Gençay


The aim of this paper was to review the literature and present a case of regional odontodysplasia with details of clinical and radiographic features,thereby facilitating management of this rare anomaly. A 6-year-old girl was referred to our department with chief complaint of missing or unerupted permanent maxillary left central, lateral and canine teeth. At the affected area, the gingiva was enlarged, fibrous, and tense. Radiographic examination shows abnormally formed teeth with short roots. After 3 year follow up with temporary prosthetic rehabilitation, periodontal surgery was applied.Following forced eruption and levelling, abnormal tooth eruption and root development were observed in these three teeth. After root canal treatment with ProRoot MTA, an intracanal fiber post and the access cavity was restored with composite resin and zirconia ceramic crown. The choice of the best treatment option for ROD depends on the time of diagnosis, present/existing symptoms,functional and esthetic needs,and available treatment modalities.


Regional Odontodysplasia; ghost teeth; eruption disturbance; shell teeth; developmental anomaly



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