Mithula Nair, Vidya Ajila, Shruthi Hegde, G Subhas Babu, Rumela Ghosh
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Parry-Romberg syndrome or progressive hemifacial atrophy is a craniofacial disorder characterized by slow and progressive atrophy, generally unilateral, of facial tissues including muscles, bones and skin. The coup de sabre is a clear line of demarcation seen between the normal and abnormal structures. The severity of the facial deformity is dependent on the age of onset of the disease. Cosmetic management is the only available treatment and has to be delayed until facial growth is completed. The present case report deals with a 43-year-old woman with progressive hemifacial atrophy which started from the age of 10 months.  Despite almost complete involvement of the right paramedian area and the early age of onset, she had neither eye changes nor any dental malformations.


Parry-Romberg syndrome; progressive atrophy; hemifacial; craniofacial disorder; treatment

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