"Wir nennen ihn Sohn" – zum Nexus von Identität, Familiengeschichte und Migration in Feridun Zaimoğlus Leyla

Franziska Stürmer
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"We call him son" –
the nexus of identity, family and migration in Feridun Zaimoğlu's Leyla
In the face of nowadays' experiences of contingency and insecurity, family as a
construct may serve to establish a point of orientation for individuals in an
insecure modernity. This also shows within the recent popularity of family novels
in german contemporary literature. However, research mainly focusses on the
discussion of german history in it, although the narrative construction of identity
in the medium of the family novel is not restricted to this aspect but takes place in
so-called migration literature as well, amending Germany's narratives of national
pasts with the process of identity formation by immigrants. Widening the
dominant perspective on family novels with regard to these aspects can therefore
enable a better understanding of nowadays' social reality in Germany. The paper
aims to elaborate this point by investigating the nexus of family, migration and
identity in Feridun Zaimoğlu's family novel Leyla.
Keywords / Anahtar Sözcükler: Identität, Familiengeschichte, Familienroman,
Türkisch-deutsche Literatur, Migration


Identität, Familiengeschichte, Familienroman, Türkisch-deutsche Literatur, Migration