Interkulturelle Kommunikation als translationstheoretisches Problem. Perspektiven literarischer Übersetzung für asymmetrische Machtverhältnisse und Konfliktaushandlung

Gesine Lenore Schiewer
1.580 413


Intercultural Communication as Translation-theoretical Problem.

Perspektives in Literary Translation for Asymmetric Balance of Power

and Conflict Resolution

The United Nations, German foreign affairs, and many others emphases the concern of intercultural communication and dialogue among civilizations. The corresponding conceptions of dialogue are characterized by the presupposition of the existence of common, universal values, rationality, justice, and empathy among other things. Though, there is little constitutive awareness of differences in semantics, cultural and linguistic differences in conversational behaviour, strategies, genres and so on. Therefore, this paper accentuates the handling of divergent semantics and conversatonal styles based on the translation of literature.


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